Harrison Blackledge, Men's Basketball

Harrison Blackledge pictures himself behind the camera some day with a marketing career in either sports, entertainment, or perhaps both.

While the Hope College men's basketball co-captain is the son of a well-regarded college football analyst for ABC and ESPN, he has found himself drawn to a different, but as critical, side of media.

"After I graduate, I would love to go into the marketing side of business, whether it be with a sports team or entertainment," said Blackledge, the senior forward from Canton, Ohio (Hoover HS). "I had an internship last summer with Provident Films. I think it was fascinating."

Nashville, Tennessee-based Provident Films, affiliated with Sony Music Entertainment, develops, produces and markets faith-based films. Blackledge performed a wide variety of tasks as he gained valuable insight into his career path.

He helped to create content and maintain Provident Film's website. He scouted locations for movie showings. He ran social media promotions.

A big project was the promotion of the film "To Joey With Love" that shared the story of country music singers Rory and Joey Feek. Joey Feek died in March after a bout with cervical cancer.

"I realized this something I can really thrive in. I had a great time," Blackledge said. "Even though it was a niche market, there is so much that goes into (media promotion). It was cool to get some real life experience."

Blackledge learned more about media production, something he's been around his whole life. His father, Todd, a former first-round draft pick who played quarterback in the NFL for seven years, is college football analyst for ABC and ESPN.

In high school, Blackledge followed his interest in film and produced programming through Hoover's student media that's held as one of the best in the state.

"As a senior, I was able to produce sports talk shows. That was cool," he said. "Shadowing my dad and watching the inner workings definitely inspired that."

Blackledge expressed gratitude for the opportunities and atmosphere Hope College provided that allowed him to hone his career choice.

A three-time member of the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association Honor Roll, Blackledge is pursuing a double major in communication and management.

"I came to Hope, and I had no idea what I really wanted to do and what a career realistically could look like," Blackledge said. "I think my classes as well as that internship experience totally turned me my head and woke up this passion for me. I've really enjoyed it. I think I could do this for the rest of my life."

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