Athletic Training Services

The goal of Hope College Athletic Training is to support our student-athletes with comprehensive, quality medical care while they are participating in collegiate athletics at Hope College.

Hope College student-athletes will be cared for by the Hope College team physician, a team of healthcare providers in West Michigan, and, on campus, by full-time certified athletic trainers. 

Hope College Athletic training strives to provide student-athletes with all the necessary medical forms, insurance forms, and other items needed prior to participating in any intercollegiate sport at the institution.


Pre-Participation Physical Exam

Before beginning competition, all Hope College athletes will be required to have a pre-participation exam (PPE) at Hope College. The PPE will take place with one of our team physicians, head coaches will notify athletes of the scheduled time for their PPE.  The PPE is designed to determine if athletes are physically and medically able to participate in athletic competition at Hope. The NCAA and our team physician require all previous medical history items be disclosed at the time of the PPE. All of this information should be brought with athletes at the time of their scheduled PPE. Download a PPE.

Note: An exception has been made to this policy for the 2020-21 academic year in response to COVID-19. To comply with current national, state, and local directives and to help ensure social distancing on campus, Hope College Athletics is asking for student-athletes to complete your physical at home this year.

Sickle Cell Results

First-year and transfer student-athletes are also required to have documentation of their sickle cell trait status. The NCAA recommends and Hope College requires documentation of sickle cell trait status prior to participation. The results of this test only need to be documented initially before the student-athletes first season of participation. This test result can be obtained during the PPE with your provider. Documentation of the sickle cell test results should be emailed to, making sure to include the athlete’s name and the sport(s) they will be competing in at Hope. If sickle cell trait status is unable to be obtained prior to arriving on campus, a simple test can be provided to you when you report to campus for preseason at the cost of $20. 



All prospective Hope student-athletes must provide proof of major medical insurance that covers intercollegiate athletic participation (up to $90,000 per NCAA recommendation). This documentation must be provided to the Athletic Department prior to participating in intercollegiate athletics. Student-athletes covered under a parent or guardian’s insurance policy will be required to complete documentation prior to their pre-participation exam in the Athletic Training Software (ATS).  (Please note: This information is also requested by the Hope College Health Center – student-athletes must complete both).

Hope College also offers major medical insurance coverage.   This insurance policy can be purchased through the Hope College Business Services website.

In addition to a student-athlete’s primary insurance, Hope College athletics provides secondary insurance through BMI, Benefits for injuries directly related to participation in intercollegiate athletics.  In accordance with NCAA regulations, off-season injuries incurred during the season which are not directly related to in-season competition or supervised practice such as conditioning class, intramural competitions, unsupervised weight training or routine medical care  (including dental or eye care) are not covered through this plan.

If an athlete sustains an injury in a covered activity, they must report this to the Hope College Athletic Training staff.  Students who are referred for medical treatment will be provided the secondary insurance policy information to provide to the health care providers.  However, medical claims must be filed first with the student’s/parents'/guardians' personal or primary insurance company. After the primary insurance pays their responsible amounts, eligible expenses will be processed under the secondary policy and considered for payment to providers.    Throughout this process, please email Jamie Dewitt at for additional assistance.


Athletic Training System (ATS)

The Hope College Athletic Training Staff uses Athletic Training Software (ATS) to maintain current medical records for Hope student-athletes. All student-athletes will be responsible for entering/updating their information in the system. All current student-athletes must have their account completed in order to be eligible to participate in team activities. Team activities include weightlifting, practice, games, and non-traditional seasons.  If you have any questions, contact Erik Byl at 616.826.2381 or  To begin here are the checklists for New Student-Athletes and Returning Student-Athletes.


Medications And Medical Conditions

If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition that requires prescription medication you are required by Hope College and the NCAA to provide a copy of your prescription, complete with physician’s office name/signature, medication name, and dose. This needs to be submitted to your Hope medical file prior to your pre-participation exam. Some substances are banned by the NCAA (i.e. ADHD or ADD medication) and in the event of drug testing your prescription needs to be on file in order for a medical exemption application to be filed on your behalf with the NCAA, preventing any sanctions affecting your participation status.

Medically, if you have cardiac, respiratory, diabetes, recent surgeries, or other medical conditions, which require frequent check-ups, monitoring, clearance or testing, please bring/submit documentation allowing for participation in sports. Any recent test results or diagnoses of these conditions, as well as the management plans for them, should be included from your family physician/specialist. Please submit any/all documentation, which might clear you from this requirement or have updated testing performed at home before you arrive on campus and have your results ready to share with the physician during your PPE. If the Hope physician feels additional testing is required for participation, this will be determined during the pre-participation exam.

Download the NCAA Medical Exception Documentation Report Form.



Hope College's concussion policy.


Eligibility Information

For information regarding the eligibility process, please view our Frequently Asked Questions. Any additional questions regarding eligibility should be directed to Jamie Dewitt ( | PO Box 9000, Holland, Michigan 49422