Hope College Athletics Philosophy

Intercollegiate sport is a powerful vehicle for education and personal development. The Hope College athletics program is part of the Kinesiology Department and is guided by a community of coaches, scholars and leaders who prioritize excellence and student-athlete experience. Participation in athletics is a valuable component of a holistic education that provides opportunities and challenges to pursue learning and achievement.

The mission of Hope College Athletics is to promote and provide programs defined by competitive excellence and transformational experiences for student-athletes. This mission is carried out by administrators, coaches and staff who are committed to developing students for lives of leadership and service. Athletics is an integrated component of the College that contributes to the vitality of the campus by developing student-athlete talents and skills, promoting institutional pride and generating visibility and connections with alumni, fans and the broader community.

Our values include:

People – Focus on student-athlete welfare, equity, inclusion, and program camaraderie and support is fundamental.

Achievement - Athletic and academic excellence is expected.

Integration – Christian faith is woven throughout our programs and so full participation in campus activities is supported and encouraged.

Service – Sharing our time and talents in the campus and community is faithful to our calling and essential to our development of compassion and understanding.

Our vision is that Hope College will be a national leader in intercollegiate athletics with all teams regularly competing for conference championships. We will be positioned as the premier athletics program in the MIAA. Each sport program will earn recognition for academic excellence with high retention and graduation rates and through regional and national academic honors. Athletics will provide exceptional value and benefit to the College and broader community through accessible fan and family friendly events along with community service and outreach. The members of the athletics program are committed to the utmost integrity in competition, the engagement in Christian faith formation, and are dedicated to excelling in sports, academics and life.


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