The Allan C. Kinney Award

Zach Smith poses for a portrait. 2019 Recipients, Zach Smith

Presented annually since 1971 by the football coaching staff to a senior player for maximum contribution to the football program. This award is named in memory of Allan C. Kinney, a member of the Hope College football team who died of cancer in his senior year in 1967.

Allan was a business major from 1964-67 who was heavily involved in many aspects of campus life, from the football team, to the Fraternal Society, to the Kemper Scholars - a highly selective business leadership development program. From the records that were kept, it is clear that he lived his life with a passion for being involved with and contributing to Hope's community. Sadly, Allan was diagnosed with cancer and passed away on November 11th, 1967 - less than a year away from his graduation. To honor his memory, Allan's parents, Norm and Louise Kinney, established the Allan C. Kinney Award through the football program. During the years before their deaths, they would personally present the award at the post-season banquet. The Allan C. Kinney Memorial Award was also established to honor an outstanding Business Management and Economics student. The award is presented at the college's annual Honors Convocation.


2019 Zach Smith
2018 Ian Gorgenson, Mike Miklusicak
2017 Zach Telfor
2016 Michael Stephan
2015 Zac Boersema
2014 TJ VanDyken
2013 Santino DiCesare
2012 Brian Lynn
2011 Josh Droppers
2010 Nick Davros
2009 Chris Batterbee
2008 Erik Ladomersky
2007 Jacob Droppers
2006 Kevin Roschek
2005 Dustin Fiddler
2004 Bryan Scheffers
2003 Phil Butler, Scott Jeschke
2002 Jason Helsen
2001 Brian Adloff
2000 Scott Langlois
1999 Tony Petkus
1998 David Uyl
1997 Brandon Graham
1996 Todd Kolster
1995 Brian Bainbridge, Kevin Valdes
1994 John Jobson, Duane Mroczka
1993 Cary Harger
1992 Peter Stuursma
1991 Mike Sparks
1990 Chris Howe
1989 Tim Lamie
1988 Jef Getzinger
1987 Jeff Dawson
1986 Tim Chase, Dan Stid
1985 Dave DeLoy
1984 David Morren
1983 Jerome Vite
1982 Kurt Brinks
1981 Steve Cameron
1980 Mike Disher
1979 Mike Nyenhuis
1978 Doug Koopman, Steve Prediger
1977 Michael Skelton
1976 David Teater
1975 Jim VanderMeer
1974 Bob Carlson
1973 Bob Lamer
1972 Dave Johnson
1971 Jim Lamer | PO Box 9000, Holland, Michigan 49422