Carter Smiley
Carter Smiley
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Minnetonka, Minn.
High School: Minnetonka
Major: Undeclared

Why did you choose to attend Hope College? I chose Hope College because of the rigorous academics, beautiful campus, friendly and welcoming community, and the fun yet determined tennis team.

What were your favorite subjects in high school? Calculus and biology

Name a role model or models who have impacted your life? And describe how. My dad is my biggest role model. He is strict and hard on me, while being the kindest and most generous person I know. He is a giver, and never puts his interests before those around him.

List a favorite Bible verse and why it is meaningful to you. Proverbs 16:4 - The Lord works out everything to its proper end—even the wicked for a day of disaster. This verse reminds me that even in the midst of chaos, God has a plan. 

What is your favorite pregame meal or snack? Peanut butter toast the morning of, followed by fruits before the match.

What is your favorite pre-game music? Classic rock is hype don't @ me.

If you could play another sport, regardless of skill, what would it be and why? Basketball, because I love the intensity and fast paced nature.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Swing hard and have fun. It reminds me to try my hardest, but make sure above all that I am having fun.