Mitchell DePree
Mitchell DePree
Year: Senior
Hometown: Holland, Michigan
High School: Holland Christian
Events: Sprints
Major: Classical Studies & Religion

Why did you choose to attend Hope College? "Eh, science." - My 17 year old self

If you have chosen a major, please explain how you plan to use it after graduation: The biology research I was involved with last year and the pursuit of a chemistry major, along with some discipleship training at an internship at a church this summer, have sparked the desire to bring clean water (and share the gospel) to people who need clean water. And who doesn't need Jesus?

List a favorite Bible verse and why it is meaningful to you: Galatians 5:1. We're just free.

What is your favorite memory from a community service project you’ve been involved at Hope? I wasn't a part of any Hope-related community service project last year, but I'd like to find out how/where I can be this year.

Where is your favorite place on campus? Schoon or Dimnent because of secret place and house church

What is your favorite pre-game music? Regional at Best

If you could play another sport, regardless of skill, what would it be? Hockey. Definitely.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? God's never gone. It's only men go blind.