Nicholai Shaw
Nicholai Shaw
Year: Senior
Hometown: Allendale, Michigan
High School: Allendale
Events: Distance
Major: Psychology
Minor: Neuroscience

MIAA Academic Honor Roll (2018, 2019)

Why did you choose to attend Hope College?
The small school and Christian atmosphere.

If you have chosen a major, please explain how you plan to use it after graduation: Psychology Research, Clinical Counseling/Psychotherapy, Something in Neuropsychology (clinical or research), or Neuroscience Research. So... One of those many options.

List a favorite Bible verse and why it is meaningful to you. I can't pick a favorite, but I do like John 11:35 since it states that Jesus, the Son of God and Savior of the world, wept when Lazarus died. Even though he knew that he was going to resurrect Lazarus, he still experienced heartbreak from the family's sorrow and from Lazarus's suffering.

Where is your favorite place on campus? Phelps Dining Hall. The whole team eats together, and it's just a great team bonding experience.

What is your favorite pre-game music? Water by Jack Garrett.

If you could play another sport, regardless of skill, what would it be? Gymnastics, I was pretty competitive in middle school and high school, and I wouldn't mind picking it back up.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? I was once told to seize the day. It's simple, but sometimes we forget that we have the ability to make our day better, regardless of the circumstances, and make the most out of the present moment.