Ty Hergenreder
Ty Hergenreder
Year: Senior
Hometown: Davison, Michigan
High School: Goodrich
Events: Middle Distance
Major: Neuroscience

MIAA Academic Honor Roll (2020, 2019, 2018)

Why did you choose to attend Hope College?
 Their science programs prepare their students for medical school like no other.

If you have chosen a major, please explain how you plan to use it after graduation. I will be attending medical school in my hopes to become a neurologist.

Where is your favorite place on campus? Why? Science building study rooms, they are full of memories from the times I procrastinated too much and cried my way to finish the assignment or study.

What is your favorite pre-game music? I don't really have one, but I NEED to watch House M.D. either the night before a race or on the bus to one.

If you could play another sport, regardless of skill, what would it be and why? Obviously gaelic football, its the best of soccer, rugby and football in one.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? It's a tie between my father telling me "Who needs med school when you got wi-fi" and my girlfriend telling me before all my races "Don't trip".