Hope's All-Time All-MIAA Softball Honorees

* Voted MIAA Most Valuable Player

2020  Season canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic
  Savannah Dixon, IF, Shay Pinhey, IF
  Sydney Jones, P, Sierra Mutschler, IF, Hayley Reitsma, C*
Sammi Adams, OF, Sydney Jones, P*, Hayley Reitsma, U
Autumn Anderson, OF
2015  Sammi Adams, OF; Autumn Anderson, OF 
2014  Autumn Anderson, OF, Julie Sobieski, DP, Peyton Wells, 1B
2013  Autumn Anderson, OF, Laura Tjepkema, OF
2012  Brooke Nienhuis, SS, Laura Tjepkema, OF
2011  Abby Phillips, C, Andrea Reinecke, P*
2010  Stephanie Faber, CF

2009  Kelli Duimstra, 1B*
2008  Kylee Brouwer, DP*, Kelli Duimstra, 1B, Jessica Regnerus, OF
2007  Kylee Brouwer, C, Jessica Regnerus, OF
2006  Emily Adams, SS, Kylee Brouwer, C, Jessica Regnerus, OF*, Becky Whitman, P*
2005  Candace Graham, OF, Kelsey Guisbert, P, Jessica Regnerus, IF/OF, Megan Sheehan, OF
2004  Kelly Kraft, SS
2003  Andrea Adams, P, Kelly Kraft, SS
2002  Andrea Adams, P*, Angie Bunker, C, Meg Sheehan, OF
2001  Kim Grotenhuis, P, Carrie Scott, C*
2000  Kim Grotenhuis, P, Heather Roy, SS, Carrie Scott, C

1999  Kim Grotenhuis, P, Christa Murphy, OF, Carrie Scott, C, Gina Zanin, 1B
1998  Lisa Larzelere, P, Gina Zanin, 1B
1997  Lisa Larzelere, P, Heather Ozinga, SS, Lisa Timmer, OF
1996  Laurie Byington, OF, Lisa Larzelere, P, Wendy Moore, IF
1995  Laurie Byington, OF, Nicki Mannes, P, Wendy Moore, IF, Keri Roelofs, P, Kristen Swope, IF
1994  Laurie Byington, OF, Nicki Mannes, P
1993  Laurie Byington, OF, Nicki Mannes, P, Deb Vashaw, C, Rachel Zimmer, OF
1992  Kristie Gauntt, SS, Johanna Pscodna, 2B*, Lisa Walters, P
1991  Johanna Pscodna, IF, Deb Vashaw, DH, Lisa Walters, P*
1990  Sherrie Scholten, OF

1989  Dianne Brown, OF, Eileen Malkewitz, P 
1988  Dianne Brown, OF, Rhonda Buchanan, P/IF, Barb Gras, P/IF
1987  Dianne Brown, OF, Rhonda Buchanan, P/IF, Holly Vandenberg, OF
1986  Dianne Brown, OF, Barb Gras, IF/P
1985  Anne Hendrickson, 3B, Rhonda Buchanan, P/IF, Annette Van Engen, OF

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