Interview with CoSIDA Academic All-American Chelsea Miskelley

Hello, this is Hope College sports information director Alan Babbitt. I am joined by Chelsea Miskelley of Hope College Track and Field and Cross Country Teams and awesomely can announce she is our latest College Sports Information Directors of America Academic All-American. She has received that honor in track and field and cross country. Chelsea has graduated from Hope, completing a major of biochemistry and molecular biology with a 3.98 eight grade point average. A decorated athlete. Chelsea has earned all-region honors from the United States Track and Field Cross Country Coach Association for Indoor Track and Field in the distance medley relay this season and was a member of the MIAA champion Flying Dutch indoor track and field team this winter. Also last spring, the outdoor championship team as well. She is a two-time, All-MIAA honoree in outdoor track and field. Last fall, she helped the Flying Dutch qualify for nationals and cross country and claim a school-record, fifth consecutive MIAA championship and earned all-conference honors for the third consecutive season as well. Congratulations, Chelsea. What does being selected a CoSIDA Academic All-American mean to you. 

Chelsea Miskelley: This recognition means a lot to me. I'm really honored to have been selected for this, and I just wanted to say thank you to my teammates and my wonderful coaches and the athletic department at Hope for helping me succeed and supporting me since day one. And also thanks to my wonderful professors at Hope are always expecting excellence from students and also supporting us. I know the community at Hope has definitely fostered my ability to succeed and I know I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without them.

Alan Babbitt: What did you cherish the most about your time as a runner and a student-athlete at Hope?

Chelsea Miskelley: Definitely the memories of me these last four years with a lot of my teammates and coaches. I made some of my best friends on the team starting the very beginning of freshman year, and to be able to build our friendships while also seeing a lot of success both in cross country and track and field, has meant the most to me. On top of that, I cherish being able to run for Coach, Northuis. He's definitely been a role model for me these last four years. He's been an incredible coach and I've just felt so honored to be a part of his team.

Alan Babbitt: You have accomplished a lot and cross country and track and field as well as the classroom. How were you able to make the most of everything you wanted to do at Hope as a student-athlete? 

Chelsea Miskelley: It definitely helps setting a schedule, especially with running. We compete year-round so knowing that I have a consistent practice time has definitely helped. I personally like to, in a sense, separate my identities. While I'm in class, I'm a student. At practice or competition, I'm an athlete. And since I'm so passionate about both, I've seen that being able to separate myself into those two different identities has helped quite a bit.

Alan Babbitt: How did your time at Hope and as an NCAA Division III student-athlete grow as a person these past four years?

Chelsea Miskelley: I sincerely believe that going to Hope College and being able to run at Hope has changed my life for the better. I've become a more compassionate person, a more competent leader, and just a better person. Overall, through the friendships I've made and the role models I've seen draw Hope whether that be my coaches or my professors.

Chelsea Miskelley: I just sincerely believe that I wouldn't be the person I am today had I not going to Hope and run for Hope. 

Alan Babbitt: What advice would you give to a young student-athlete who wants to excel in both athletics and academics? You are an example that it can be done at a very high level.

Chelsea Miskelley: Like I said before, sticking to a schedule is super helpful. Every year at the beginning of the semester, I always take out all my syllabi and write down all my exams and my planner so that I know how to navigate it around competitions, and kind of know what to expect. But on top of trying to be as organized as you can. I would also suggest finding support with people who have similar interests to you whether that be teammates, upperclassmen on your team, people in your classes, or your clubs. Finding support is a big part of being able to succeed in college and knowing that they have your support as well can be helpful.

Alan Babbitt: Wonderful. Congratulations again, Chelsea, our latest CoSIDA academic All-American from Hope College, our third this year, joining Logan Bylsma from Men's Soccer and Daniel Settecerri from Men's Golf. So congratulations, Chelsea, and good luck to you. I forgot to ask you earlier to you were working at Zeeland Hospital now. Tell us about that and what your future plans with your education will be.

Chelsea Miskelley: I'm currently in my gap year working as a nurse tech at Zeeland Hospital. And I've loved it so far. I really like being able to get more involved in the medical field. I have just recently started applying to medical school with the hopes of attending this next fall.

Alan Babbitt: Excellent. Thank you. Congratulations, Chelsea, and good luck with your future endeavors.

Chelsea Miskelley: Thank you so much. | PO Box 9000, Holland, Michigan 49422