17 Grace Furey
17 - Grace Furey
Height: 6-0
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Hinsdale, Illinois
High School: Hinsdale Central
Position: MH
Major: Undeclared


Why did you choose Hope College? I chose Hope because of its positive atmosphere and loving community. I fell in love with the beautiful campus on my first visit. Hope is the perfect size for me and has amazing opportunities for my major.

What is your favorite pregame meal or snack? And why? A peanut butter and banana sandwich because it tastes yummy and gives me a boost of energy.

What is your favorite movie and why? My favorite movie is The Blind Side because it is a great story about family and the importance of always being kind and looking out for others. 

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? 

List a favorite Bible verse and why it is meaningful to you. Mathew 17:20 - Because this verse reminds me that even the greatest challenges can be overcome with faith and conviction.

Please list any service opportunities you plan to be engaged with this year: Both on campus and off campus. (i.e. Mortar Board, CASA, Dance Marathon, Boys & Girls Club).